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Uk injector removal Ltd are very pleased to inform you that we have now moved into the snapped glow plug removal side of things.

If you or your local garage are unfortunate enough to have a broken glow plug we can remove it without the need to remove the cylinder head.

The glow plug can snap in a number of different ways ranging from the hex nut snapping off the top leaving the glow plug level with the head and anywhere down to the heating element snapping off remaining stuck in the head.


Glow Plug Removal Glow Plug Removal Glow Plug Removal Glow Plug Removal Glow Plug Removal


We can remove any of these possible scenarios and even re- thread the cylinder head if the threads have been damaged. We can do all engines from all the manufacturers but as you can appreciate there will be a need to gain unobstructed access to the glow plug so certain engine components will need to be removed, and in the very rare case the engine may need to be removed but that hasn't happened yet.

The benefit of getting us to remove the snapped glow plug is that you will save the huge cost and turn around time involved in cylinder head removal. 

Here is what is required regarding cylinder head removal: Inlet manifold,egr valve pipe work,exhaust manifold,turbo,fuel pipes, wiring harness,timing chain or belt (new tensioner required),rocker cover, injectors and then the cylinder head. Head sent away for glow plug removal. Head would need to be checked/ skimmed prior to refitting (as alloy heads can warp when removed). A new head gasket and new stretch bolts will be needed also.


Our process eliminates the labour charges involved in the above process.


We charge £150 per glow plug but if all of them need doing please contact us as discounts do apply for multiple plug removal.

To date we have an excellent success rate and if for some reason we are unable to complete the job we will not charge. No removal no charge so what have you got to loose calling us first.

Above prices are a guide only and discounts will be applied for more vehicles and glow plugs needing removed. 

All extra work will be agreed and carried out on site subject to the customers approval.